A Guide to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Shipping

Whether you are moving abroad or simply going on a holiday, it’s easy to take your motorcycle with you. Shipping it via ocean freight, air or ground is a simple and affordable option to take it anywhere in the world safely and reliably. To ensure its successful trip, there are a few things that you need to prepare your motorcycle for. 

Preparing Outside of Motorcycle

  • Clean Your Motorcycle

You need to give your motorcycle a solid wash. Make sure that there are no solid deposits on tires and clean all the heavy dirt. You will be able to get a good look at its condition before motorcycle shipping. Ship a Car Inc. is a team of experienced professionals, who have been striving to provide high quality vehicle delivery services over the last 30 years. They work together to make the relocation of your vehicle as safe, fast and affordable as possible. 

  • Document the Condition of Your Motorcycle

You need to carefully inspect and document the current condition of your motorcycle. It will help you avoid any future issues while claiming insurance. Note existing dents, scratches, chips and any other marks on your motorcycle. You should also take close-up shots of these scratches and take pictures of your motorcycle from various angles. Add dates to all these notes and print a copy for the mover of transport. 

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  • Remove Loose Items of Motorcycle

The mover is not responsible for any damage caused to the additional accessories of your motorcycle. These loose items are also not covered under insurance claim. You should remove any valuables that you may have in trunks, saddlebags along with any loose items such as GPS systems, bicycle racks, toll tags, etc. You should also check all the fasteners. Your motorcycle may be in transit for days or weeks and it can experience vibrations during the journey. These fasteners can fall off if they are loose. 

Preparing Inside of Motorcycle

  • Reduce Fuel level

Movers usually reduce the amount of fuel in vehicles for safety. To transport motorcycles domestically, tanks need to be ¼ full. To transport vehicles internationally, tanks of vehicles must be fully drained. If you are not following these guidelines, you might have to pay a hefty charge to siphon the excess gas. 

  • Document Mechanical Problems

Just like noting any outside damage, you need to document any specific mechanical problem that your motorcycle might already have. It protects you from any potential damage and takes off certain liability of the carrier as well. 

  • Check if Tires are Inflated

Tires are part of suspension system of your vehicle and inflated tires can protect and cushion the vehicle while it’s in transit. 

  • Report or Resolve Leaks

You should report any leaks in the vehicle to the mover as they can cause damage to your vehicle as well as any other vehicles in the container. Proper precaution must be taken to resolve the leaks immediately. 


Transporting a motorcycle can be simple and easy by utilising these tips. 

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