Forklifts are essential industrial and warehouse equipment. When it is working smoothly, it can drastically increase the productivity of your business. The forklift batteries play a crucial role in keeping the forklift running smoothly. Raymond forklift battery is one of the most sought-after forklift batteries in the market. It offers some unique features. However, finding these batteries can be quite the task. Here is what makes these batteries unique and how you should care for them to ensure that the batteries last longer.

What are Raymond Forklift batteries?

Raymond forklift batteries are one of the most sought-after forklift batteries due to their unique specifications. One of the key features which make the battery stand out is its flat plate casing which protects it from physical damage. It is tubular and requires low maintenance. It is available in different voltages: 80v, 48v, 36v, 24v and 12v. There are over 150 models of the Raymond forklift batteries which are available. If you are confused about which one you should go for, reach out to the experts, and they will help you make the right and informed choice.

How vital are maintenance and repair services?

A forklift is crucial industrial equipment that is also an investment. If taken care of properly, it not only increases productivity but can also bring down the costs of forklift repairs. When you carry out time-to-time maintenance checks of the battery, you would be able to catch the problem before it becomes huge and costs you a lot more money and time. Getting your forklift battery repaired on time can drastically improve safety, increase productivity, and prevent damage to the forklift. Not only that, but it also reduces the chances of motor and contact replacement.

Does your forklift need reconditioning?

Getting your forklift reconditioned on time can drastically reduce the damage to the electrical components of the forklift and drive the motor. Removal of sulphation, replacing cables and connectors, discharge test for six hours, removing the corrosion on battery cells, repair of spoilt cells, and cleaning and painting are some of the reconditioning services.

Should you clean and wash the battery?

One of the ways to increase the lifespan of the battery and reduce its maintenance costs is by cleaning the batteries. You can hire professionals to clean the battery. This helps to reduce corrosion and voltage leaks. You can also buy washing equipment to clean the battery on your own.

Feeling lost? Reach out to the experts

Though your company might own a forklift, you might not always know everything there is to know. Making a decision about the battery and its upkeep can be quite daunting. In such a situation, you should always turn to the expert. Whether you are buying or need reconditioning services for your batteries, they would be able to provide you with impeccable services and ensure that the life of your battery increases and your productivity is not hampered. This will help you to make the right chocice.