Benefits of BMW TwinPower Lubricants

BMW is not only the brand of automotive but it also serves its customers by ensuring their safety, reliability, power, dynamics, and moderation as well as premium bmw service Oceanside, CA and customer-retention policy. Their product base isn’t only limited to car manufacturing but it also serves its customers through quality-oriented lubricants for personal, commercials, and heavy-duty vehicles. Lubricants they produce are a name of deliverance and serviceability just like their parent brand’s reliability.

Three variants

BMW TwinPower Lubricants comes up with three variants and different viscosity grades whatever you needed. Three variants include TwinPower Turbo Silver oil, TwinPower Turbo Gold oil, and TwinPower Turbo Red oil.

BMW TwinPower Silver

BMW TwinPower Silver lubricant category is developed by keeping into consideration the sustainable driving requirements and pleasure with the intent of overhauling the driving experiences. This variant is specially developed to ensure good performance, wear and tear protection, and keep the engine alive by sustaining critical engine parts’ cleanliness and sustain them for quite long. Twin Power Silver variant is available in BMW Twin Power Turbo, Longlife-01, 5W-30, BMW Longlife-04, and 5W-30 viscosity grades. You can opt for one according to your engine requirements.

BMW TwinPower Gold

Twin Power Gold lubricant variants are meant to increase outstanding performance especially for older engines, set performance standards, and high-end protection guarantee. This variant comes up with “FE” on the label, stating fuel economy as their primary trait for less fuel consumption. Twin Power Gold lubricants are available in Twin Power Turbo, BMW Longlife-01FE, and 0W-30 viscosity grades. You can also opt-out of these according to your engine requirements and suitability.

Moving ahead with the benefits of TwinPower Lubricants, these are researched, developed, and strategize in BMW quality and research labs, ready to improve fuel economy while different cruising scenarios. These formulas also lead your vehicles to reduced CO2 emissions, thus contributing to sustainable environment campaigns.

TwinPower Lubricants are experts at protecting your engine from sludge and solidifying its performance, as well as, enabling prolonged engine life. It comes up with a special trait of capturing dirt particles and avoiding sludge or plaque accumulation, which contributes to the reduction of deposits in the engine. This engine oil range doesn’t evaporate much lowering the oil consumption and ensuring less frequent oil changes. TwinPower lubricants come up with guarantees of low-temperature performance, even for as low as -40°C and enabling easy cold-start characteristics.

Therefore, whatever your engine is, you have to thoroughly assess what has its requirements and what specific oil will fulfill its requirements. This way, you can choose wisely and drive safely.