10 Reasons Why Remapping is Worth It

Not sure if car remapping is right for you and your car? Here are our 10 reasons why car remapping is worth it.

Remapping Gives More Torque

After a remap, torque on such cars usually increases by 20-30%, and on naturally aspirated cars it goes up by approximately 5%. With more torque, you’ll have better acceleration as well as shorter in-gear times–both are essential for quick and safe overtaking.

Car Remapping Gives More Horsepower

Horsepower is the product of torque and another value, RPM divided by 5252. It’s a measurement of how fast a car can go and how far the force of its engine will take it. More horsepower = a higher top speed. In simpler terms, horsepower is how quickly the engine can reach its highest possible speed.

Remapping Removes Flat Spots for Smoother Power Delivery

If it’s not the power itself that bothers you about your car, but rather how that power is delivered, then remapping should definitely be considered. Remapping will remove flat spots from the equation to give you access to your power at more RPMs, resulting in a smoother drive.

Remapping Results in Better Fuel Economy

Because this service provides more torque at all RPM, you won’t have to use as much throttle to get up and maintain speed. By reducing the load on the engine, you’re also decreasing the amount of fuel it needs — resulting in better fuel economy.

Car Remapping is a Safe Upgrade

If you’re worried about the safety of your car after a remap, don’t be. Car remapping is completely safe for your engine and other components. In fact, it can actually prolong the life of your engine by decreasing wear and tear.

Remapping Can Help You Love your Car Again

If you’re looking for a way to make your car more enjoyable and safer, remapping is the answer. You can increase your engine’s power and torque by 20-30%, which you’ll notice as soon as you hit the gas pedal. Plus, our customers always tell us that remapping was the best purchase they ever made for their car.

Car Remapping is a Cost-Effective Performance Upgrade

With a standalone exhaust, intercooler, and air intake upgrade, you might be able to eke out an extra 35 bhp from a 2015 Golf GTI. That would cost over £2,000 with minimal results. However, if you opted for a remap instead, you could get 50bhp and 50 lb/ft torque minimum.

Remaps Result in Better Towing

A remap will give you extra torque if you tow a trailer, caravan, or mobile home. With the extra torque, towing becomes easier and less straining on your engine and drivetrain.

Remapping – Not Just For Cars

At our garage, we remap or chip-tune all sorts of vehicles for more power and torque, including vans, lorries, tractors, quad bikes, and agricultural equipment such as mowers and cultivators. We often work on diesel tractors and mowers–which can see a 20% increase in torque after we’re done with them–to improve driveability and work rate.

Remapping Can Be Done in an Hour

On newer models of cars, remapping is done through the OBD port. We connect a cord to the OBD which lets our computers join up directly with the vehicle’s ECU. By doing this, we’re able to read and edit the software contained within. The entire process takes approximately one hour when performed by us as a mobile service at your roadside location.