3 Advantages & Disadvantages of Lease Contracts to Own Cars in Singapore

There are many premium car rental firms around Singapore. Some of them offer to rent or lease to own offers to clients. A lease contract to own your car has advantages and disadvantages, like any other financial decision.

Advantages of Lease to Own Cars

There are three points to consider when pondering the advantages of getting a lease contract to own cars in Singapore.

#1 Lack of Credit Checks

People can get a lease contract to own cars in Singapore more efficiently than buying or leasing a vehicle. The lack of criteria in the programme makes the rent-to-own option quite appealing.

#2 Lack of Interest

You do not have to pay interest on your company car lease since you are not being loaned money for the automobile unless you use dealer financing. You pay a weekly rental charge and money towards the vehicle.

#3 Does Not Affect Credit

You might get penalised with a fee if you are late or miss a payment. Nevertheless, your credit will go unharmed. However, your credit may still suffer if you use dealer financing from premium car rental firms around Singapore.

Disadvantages of Lease to Own Cars

The disadvantages of getting a lease contract to own cars in Singapore come in three.

#1 High Costs

One of the primary disadvantages of a lease contract to own cars in Singapore is that you will pay far more for the goods than it is worth. You may not be paying interest, but your payments will total more than the vehicle value.

#2 Frequent Payments

You will be paying more often than the average automobile buyer or leaser. Some premium car rental firms in Singapore require weekly payments for the vehicle.

#3 No Guarantees

Most arrangements and contracts for lease-to-own cars do not include warranties. If you do not acquire one outside of your agreement and your car breaks down shortly after you begin making payments, you may be out of luck.

Check your contract for early termination clauses. It might be crucial if the automobile requires extensive repairs. You may elect to stop the rental after a few months or a year of ownership. If you violate the conditions of your contract, you will most likely forfeit your down payment on your vehicle.

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