How to Tell Where the Problem Lies in Car Battery?

To figure out if your battery is completely charged, you will need to gauge your battery’s state of rate with a 2 in 1 OBD2 Scanner & Battery Tester. You can make use of an analog or electronic voltmeter, but a digital meter will provide you an easier-to-see, more precise analysis. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, bear in mind to use a pair of rubber gloves as well as safety glasses whenever you service your battery. This will shield your hands as well as your eyes from acid.

Comply with these steps to evaluate your battery:

Prior to you begin examining, ensure the ignition secret and all of your vehicle’s lights are off.

Link the red or positive voltmeter test led to your battery’s positive terminal.

Then, connect the unfavorable or black voltmeter test to bring about your battery’s unfavorable terminal.

Always eliminate the adverse incurable first. If the battery terminals do not come off quickly, utilize a battery terminal puller to eliminate them. Do not utilize a screwdriver to tear the terminals off due to the fact that it can damage the interior links of the battery post.

Take your battery incurable cleaning tool, which ought to have various expansions for various sized terminals, as well as utilize it to clean off the terminals and posts. Also, use a quality battery cleaning option, which is available at your local shops.


  • Approves as well as cost-effective
  • Conveniently charges and goes back to the solution
  • Above 12.4 volts checking out
  • Under four years of ages


  • Will hold or decline a charge
  • Under 12.0 volts checking out
  • Cannot generate ample cranking amps
  • Over five years of ages

How Do I Know if My Vehicle Battery is Bad?

The most common signs and symptoms that feature a negative battery include:

  • Battery light illuminated on the control panel
  • Engine cranks slowly when beginning
  • Vehicle calls for constant jump begins
  • Hitting when you turn the engine
  • Lights are dim
  • The car will not start

What is a Multimeter?

A multimeter measure the voltage in your automobile battery, allowing you to know how power is presently stored in the battery.

How Long Should an Auto Battery Last?

The majority of automobile batteries are warrantied to last for 4 years, but only around 30% of batteries made today make it to that point.

What Else Could Be Wrong with My Automobile Battery?

One more typical problem with your car battery is deterioration at the terminal links. You can eliminate the corrosion with sandpaper, however, ensure to use handwear covers, as well as security goggles!