Choose Bubble Wrap Insulator over Paper

Bubble wrap is widely used in the automotive and packaging industry these days as it can safeguard any product. These bubble wraps can sustain in any kind of environment and delivers the best result amidst rough handling. Bubble wraps are made of two plastic films with a combination of air bubbles locked inside it. 

Among the different kinds of heat protection products, the Bubble Wrap Insulation is very much in demand as it has the ability to create a barrier between the hot and cold objects to reduce the amount of heat getting transferred. The process of separating an object from other to prevent transfer of electricity, heat or sound is known as insulation.

Why is it good to use Bubble Wrap Insulator instead of Paper?

  • Air is always a good insulator and these bubble wraps are nothing but air bubbles trapped within the plastic sheets.
  • Bubble wraps are easy to use and also are comparatively cheaper as compared to any other insulators.
  • It has the benefit of increasing the resistance of heat flow and acts as an excellent barrier to heat loss.
  • Bubble wraps can reduce 50% of the total heat loss. If you make use of bigger bubbles it can reduce the loss of heat. The space present between the air bubbles increase the performance.

If you want your vehicle perform better in any kind of circumstance, then these kind of heat protection products will surely help you at the best. Kool wrap is one of the leading Australian manufacturer as well as supplier of wide range in heat protection products. 

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