Guide to Buying Used Commercial Vehicle in Singapore

If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels for your company, you shouldn’t ignore the option of buying a used commercial vehicle in Singapore. Despite being older models, sellers, at least the reliable ones, ensure that their cars have acceptable quality and can fulfil whatever purpose you have in store for them.

However, if you are interested in buying a used commercial vehicle, you must know the things you need to check before paying the seller. Although you have done your research and have the assurance that they are legitimate, there are still risks you need to watch out for when purchasing second-hand equipment.

Continue reading this article for more information regarding how to buy a used commercial vehicle.

Guide to Buying Used Commercial Vehicle in Singapore

1. Why Buy Used Commercial Vehicles?

Before diving into the primary goal of the article, you might be wondering what exactly is the appeal behind purchasing a, for example, used lorry for sale in Singapore. The following are three reasons why companies consider buying a used commercial vehicle:

o   Less Expensive

Its low price is perhaps one of the most enticing reasons companies buy a used commercial vehicle. Unlike brand new vehicles where you need to spend a huge sum, these older models are generally less expensive since they aren’t in mint condition. Although they aren’t the same as the latest set of wheels, these cars are capable of fulfilling whatever duty you give them.

o   No Learning Curve

Unlike brand new cars, purchasing a used commercial vehicle means your drivers generally don’t have to spend time adjusting to its controls as they are most likely familiar with it. You don’t need to allot time to let your employees know its ins and outs.

o   Well-Maintained

It isn’t fair to generalise that a used commercial vehicle will not have the same condition as a brand new model. Typically, reputable sellers ensure that the equipment they provide to their customers undergoes the necessary maintenance to keep its components from malfunctioning.

Now that you know the reasons why companies buy a used commercial vehicle, it is time to learn the tips on how to make a successful purchase. Continue reading this article to know more.

2. Know Your Options

When looking for the right used commercial vehicle to buy, you should understand and remember that you have plenty of options. Along the way, you will inevitably encounter decent deals, but for whatever reason, you cannot proceed with purchasing it. Although it may seem like a wasted opportunity to acquire an excellent piece of equipment, you shouldn’t stop your search there. There are plenty of other dealers in the market, some of which may offer the same if not better deals.

3. Check Its Engine

Once you find a decent deal, you need to check if its vehicle is suitable for the kind of work your company does daily. If you aren’t familiar with engines, research which types work best in specific tasks. Getting a car with a weaker vehicle may result in frequent breakdowns. On the other hand, spending money on a set of wheels that is way beyond your needs is wasted funds.

4. Inspect Its Safety Features

Next on the list is the safety features of the used commercial vehicle you intend to buy. Your drivers, especially those who travel on dangerous roads, need these systems to avoid injuries if an accident occurs. Aside from the potential loss of lives, going for substandard safety equipment can cause serious lawsuits, causing significant damages to the company’s reputation.

5. Never Ignore Its Appearance



While reputable sellers will ensure that their vehicles are in top condition in terms of performance and appearance. After all, they have a reputation to keep. They won’t risk losing potential buyers due to scratches on their equipment. So if you’re looking for a prime mover for sale in Singapore, there will be dealers offering it in a clean and working condition. As long as you transact with legitimate sellers, you can be sure you will get the most out of your money.

6. Look for a Warranty

However, not every reputable dealer will offer a warranty when buying a used commercial vehicle. Although you have some assurance that those without one will be worth your investment, you can never be too sure. After all, there are plenty of things that could happen in the coming days or weeks. You never know when an accident will occur. A warranty is your assurance that the equipment has no defects, and if it does have one, you won’t have to worry about spending money on replacing the necessary parts.

7. Try Driving the Vehicle



Lastly, you must test drive the used commercial vehicle before buying. If possible, allow one of your drivers to control it and spend a few minutes moving around. After all, your employees should know better about what makes a car worth the price. Moreover, they could offer you their comments, such as their likes and dislikes about the vehicle.


Buying a used commercial vehicle is an excellent alternative if you lack the budget to purchase a new one. You wouldn’t worry about scams, and other fraudulent deals if you buy from reputable sellers.

However, you must be aware of these six tips to ensure that whatever vehicle you buy is worth its price.

First, you need to be aware of the fact that there are plenty of options available. You don’t have to force yourself to spend on a deal when unsure of it.

Second, ensure that its engine is right for your company. You wouldn’t want it to be too weak or strong for your needs.

Third, the used commercial vehicle should have the necessary safety features to guarantee the well-being of your drivers.

Fourth, you shouldn’t settle for second-hand vehicles that have damage. Reputable sellers know that aside from ensuring its components are working, a car that is clean and free from any flaws can help convince buyers to spend.

Fifth, choose deals with warranties.

Lastly, test drive the vehicle to get a feel of its performance.

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