How Can You Prevent a Fatal Brake Failure?

Brake failure is a kind of impairment that no car user can deal with. It is a death trap not only for the one who are inside the said car, but also for the ones who are around it. So, at any cost, every car user wants to prevent it from happening. But is it feasible? Can you really save yourself and others from this unfortunate and tricky situation? When we asked the same question to the experts who serve at the Gilroy brake repair center, they gave us a positive reply, but warned us against some most common mistakes that often lead to serious situations where one loses entire control over the vehicle he is driving, since the braking system stopped responding to his commands.

A serious brake failure can be prevented only by immediate response to the following symptoms.

When the Dashboard Send You Warning Lights

The place where you can find all the relevant information regarding your car is the dashboard. There the onboard computing system communicates with you regarding every small and big issue, through distinctive indicating and warning lights. If you see a brake system warning on the dashboard, you shouldn’t waste any more time, and must act upon it, by taking professional help as soon as possible. The experts say, do not even wait to reach your known auto repair center, and drive to the upcoming one, if it is visibly near. But if not, park your car aside and tow your car to the auto repair center and never try to reach there, driving the car.

Leakage of the Brake Fluid

If you see a pool of liquid below your car, where you parked it, do not risk it. Call a certified mechanic before you try to drive it down. If necessary, tow the car to the auto repair or brake repair center, and get the braking system diagnosed and treated immediately.

Other Symptoms

There are other symptoms of a potential brake failure that you must never ignore. It could start with the shaking and vibration of the car when you try braking, it can make squealing, grinding, squeaking, or rattling sound or give you rough stops. The brake pedals might feel unusually hard or stiff below your feet, while the engine can start misfiring. Sometimes vehicle with a faulty braking system can automatically start pulling towards any of the sides when you try to apply the brakes.

Taking Longer Time to Respond

Nothing is more fearful than the moment, when you see your car taking longer than usual in slowing down, when you apply the brakes. But fortunately, this stage does not come up all at once, the brakes will act slower but not stop acting altogether, all of a sudden. So, you get only that much time when you can either call a professional or reach the nearest brake repair center, to check them out, before they get damaged and totally irresponsive.

If you are facing one or more of these symptoms, rush to the next brake repair shop you find, and get the brakes inspected, diagnosed and repaired at a place like the Gilroy brake pads & rotor service.