How often does Tesla need maintenance? 

Electric vehicles are believed to be more efficient as compared to internal combustion vehicles. They certainly have a lower number of moving parts and require less oiling.

However, Tesla is, as do many other auto dealerships on the corner has made money through the sale of extended-service plans to pay for regular maintenance of its vehicles and sometimes, mandatory.

With a plethora of Tesla on the road as well, all those service appointments -and repairs —have been a backup for the service centers of the Tesla Aftercare. The company is now reportedly stopped the extended service plans and is hoping to emphasize the inherent reliability of electric cars -and -and hopefully, reduce waiting times at these service centers.

What is the function of a ceramic coat?

If you decide to add the ceramic coat to your Tesla Model 3, its primary purpose is to protect the transparent coat. This kind of barrier serves as a temporary shell that helps preserve the appearance of your car.

In the same way, PPF serves to protect the exterior of your Model 3. However, while the ceramic coating covers the entire vehicle to shield the paint PPF is a thin layer of plastic usually only used to cover just the exterior of your vehicle. Although you can cover your entire car with PPF however, it is not required as the primary purpose is to shield the vehicle from scratches and dings caused by rocks and other objects.

Do you need to add a ceramic coat to your Tesla Model 3?

The decision to apply PPF or ceramic coatings to the Tesla Model 3 is ultimately an individual choice. The disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Moreover, the decision was not made to choose either. This is largely because ceramic coatings and PPF will not enhance the value of your vehicle when you decide to sell it. Instead, you are spending money you are unlikely to be able to return.

The most significant benefit of Ceramic coatings is the fact that they can help keep the Model 3 looking new for longer. Although it offers slight protection, it is an option that is primarily intended for aesthetics. Based on the reviews it is better to save cash and maintain your Model 3 in other ways rather than putting on another expense to slow down the inevitable aging process.

There is certainly an excuse not to have an extra glimmer and security. If you have got the funds for it, and the look is, appealing to you it is not a reason not to consider adding the coating of ceramic to the exterior of your Tesla Model 3 — however, it is not an absolute necessity.