Optimal Tire Selection For Electric Car Or Hybrid

When buying tires for any vehicle, there are a few things that are important. Safety should be number one, followed by performance, grip, ability to handle to weather and driving conditions and durability and maybe a few others. In addition, it is important that you purchase the correct dimension and tires that are meant for the vehicle type that you possess. If you search for 215/70/16 all-season tires for your car or SUVs, you can find the options that are available to select among. In a similar way you would look for winter or all-weather tires.

When selecting the tires for your hybrid or electric car it is important to look for fuel efficiency. Let’s face it the whole point of investing in a hybrid or electric car is to more ecological and to leave a smaller carbon footprint. This then requires a more environmentally friendly tire, that are produced by purified low aromatic oils with no toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. The tires should also be wear-resistant and have long service life to avoid adding tire waste.  The balancing of the tires should be done with lead free weights. Low rolling resistance will limit the wear of the tires and also lower the fuel consumption for the hybrids and allow you to cover longer distances with each single charge.

It is important when choosing a tire for a hybrid or electric car, to keep in mind that these cars are typically heavier than regular passenger cars so even though it is important to be ecological you need to make sure to choose a premium tire that provides first-class grip and handling to keep you and your family safe. SUV as then in turn heavier than normal SUVs. When selecting the tires, it is important to check if the tires have been recommended to be used for electric cars. Selecting tires that are not recommended might mean that they will wear out very fast. Due to the higher wear rate, you will also need to rotate the tires more frequently than you might be used to with a normal gasoline driven car. You have both the combination of the higher weight and the higher torque, both which drives up the wear. Rotate the tires when the difference in tread depth between front and rear tires is more than 5/64 inches. 

It is important for the driving performance and the safety to have similar grip on all the four tire positions, this is why it is important to rotate the tires, but also why you should try to purchase a full set of four tires when you buy new ones. Different grip on the tires can lead to that the car over- or understeers. This makes it is more difficult to control the vehicle and have good balance. This is also why you shouldn’t mix different types of tires on a vehicle, like having 2 winter tires and 2 all-season tires. 

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