Transport wheelchair users conveniently, smoothly and safety

The introduction of wheelchair accessible cars and vans has changed the perception of movement for physically disabled and elderly person. Now people who had movement constraint can safely and confidently drive their own wheelchair cars and can enjoy the freedom of movement instead of depending on someone. Commercial wheelchair vans are widely used to transport wheelchair passenger of large number comfortably and safely to their destination. Lifting, transporting and then dropping the wheelchair user’s safety comes with huge responsibility hence when purchasing your commercial wheelchair accessible vans, para transit conversions, buses or ambulate choose a vehicle with all latest features and accessories and have peace of mind.

Things to consider

Regardless whether you are planning to purchase a wheelchair van converted at the manufacturer, add a conversion kit to a minivan or a used van that’s been converted to a wheelchair van, a wheelchair vehicle is an expensive investment. Choosing the right vehicle could be quite challenging hence to avoid costly and time-consuming design revisions invest little time and take informed decision. Some of the aspects that need to be considered beforehand are

  • Check the fit such as width of ramp, entrance height and wheelchair position total space
  • Choose the entry system that meets your parking and day-to-day needs as both rear and side entry systems have fold out ramps that take up space
  • Compare the costs of few reputable manufactures and then choose the best deal
  • Read the reviews in reliable forum and ensure durable, dependable and fuel-efficient vehicle
  • Understand the wheelchair van’s regular and preventive maintenance schedule

Get best service

With the best commercial use ADA compliant accessible van, you can provide best riding experience to your wheelchair passengers and give them a sense of safety and security on road. Organization such as government, school, healthcare services and wheelchair van services providers can make significantly enhance their service quality with right wheelchair van.