Motorcycle maintenance: your responsibility or that of the rental company?

The rental of a motorcycle guarantees its perfect maintenance and includes minimum fuel reserve. It can be the change of tires, the annual review, the level control for liquids, the chain tension. Everything is supervised by the rental company. This also applies to repair costs.

What steps should you take for your motorcycle insurance?

The motorcycle insurance is included in your rental agreement. Therefore, you have no steps to take. However, nothing prevents you from checking the available guarantees and the amount of deductibles applied. You can thus complete any shortcomings with additional protection by selecting the insurance of your choice. For example, you have the option of purchasing theft protection or motorcycle assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident. Make a visit to for all the information.

The practical advantages of motorcycle rental

In addition to the formal aspects, renting your motorcycle gives you many practical advantages. Have a two-wheeled vehicle for your daily trips, your weekend walks, or to enhance your holidays. You no longer have to worry about parking or storage issues. Traffic conditions are also easier to understand.

Other assets to assert when renting a motorcycle

This choice allows you to “test” and appreciate a model if you plan to buy it. It is a very good solution to determine its needs based on the performance and technical aspects of the machine. Remember that the rental of a motorcycle can also be done in the event of force majeure, for example to temporarily replace your broken down vehicle and thus meet your mobility needs, whatever their importance and frequency.

Seek advice from the motorcycle rental company to make a good deal

Each service with a professional rental company gives the right to advice on use and management. This applies in particular to the behavior and handling of the desired model. The issue of road safety can also be addressed, as well as tips for getting well equipped.

Are you going on a summer vacation and you do not intend to take your motorcycle, or you simply do not have one? Why not use a rental agency? Many of them offer this service, here are the things to know about it.

Where To Look?

First observation:If there is no shortage of offers, they are not necessarily to be sought from the best-known big names. Indeed, motorcycle rental remains a fairly specific activity, inherent in the specific constraints of maintaining a two-wheeled fleet which requires more commitment from the rental company. Thus, you will find on the Net number of companies dedicated to this particular activity. 

They are often linked to a particular tourist sector: 

The Alps, Corsica or the Pyrenees for example, and can offer you “discovery” packages like a real tour operator! You will also find “touring” offers with high-end motorcycles or even “group” packs allowing the organization of a trip for several.Also remember to check in the chosen formula which accessories you can claim (top box in particular, but also GPS), because they are often invoiced separately. For frequent travelers, there is even motorcycle trailer rental!