Improve Traffic School: Let’s learn driving with fun

Driving courses can be super boring, you know? If you are searching for such a school that can mix both education and entertainment then definitely you are going to love to Improve Traffic School.

Never heard it before???

Improve Traffic School is originally an American company owned by the nationwide Improve Comedy Club chain. It mainly focuses on behavior-based driver education, traffic school, and defensive driving programs that have continued to satisfy its learners for nearly 20 years. Its sole motto is to teach while having fun. The term ‘edutainment’ (education+ entertainment) is coined by them to emphasize their motto. To achieve this goal the courses come up with cartoons, standup comedy, hilarious jokes, and funny images in the midst of the learning sessions. Most of the scripts are written by different Hollywood comedy scriptwriters. Wow!!! Sounds superb right?

Provided Courses:

  1. Traffic school and defensive driving: It delivers defensive driving courses that may allow traffic offenders to waive their tickets, eliminate penalty points, and can help to reduce fines. Those who successfully complete the course are offered Family Feud-style games and graduation parties. For more details, you can open the link
  2. OSHA-compliance and workplace training: From 2014 onwards Improv is also offering training for employees.
  3. Drivers education and insurance discount courses: Here most of the learners are experienced drivers. Besides giving driving education Improve also provides insurance discount courses.

Course Duration:

It completely depends on where you have got your ticket. In some cases, it may take 6 hours or more. But if there is no timer required like California, then the whole job will be done within 30 minutes.

How to Sign up:

The sign-up process is quick and hassle-free. You will be asked some basic questions like your name, address, and your ticket information. Then they will provide you with the next instructions relating to the payment method and other options.

Regarding the course:

There are 10 different sections which are followed by a final exam. The good thing is that if you are stuck with a course timer, you have to manage the timer once for each section. Each section is one page long and when you will finish it you have to wait for the timer to catch up. Meanwhile, you can pass your time by chilling with yourself!!!

What are the plus points?

  1. Each course is provided online. Therefore you can progress on your own time and at your own pace.
  2. The quality of each course is pretty good being simple and direct. You will not get bored for a single moment as they provide funny jokes, cartoons, and videos.
  3. It is approved by different courts and DMVs across the country.
  4. You can complete the certification process within 30 minutes.
  5. Their customer helpline is open 24/7 to assist you in your problem.

Then, are you ready to enroll yourself in this amazing traffic school?