How Much Does an Exotic Car Rental Cost?

Have you always dreamed of driving a convertible exotic car? Well, this is now the perfect time to turn your dreams into reality!

Exotic cars are no doubt some of the world’s most sublime machines. Boasting fine engineering and equipped with a range of premium accessories, luxury vehicles take any driving experience to the next level. But there’s a catch here. Buying an exotic car can put a dent in your pocket. This is why exotic car rentals are your next big option. 

How Much Does an Exotic Car Rental Cost Per Day? 

The price for renting an exotic car depends on different factors such as the specific model and make of the car, your location, your age, dates you plan to hire the vehicle, availability of the vehicle, the time of hiring the car, your history as a driver, and length of rental.

Below are some of the parameters that affect the price of exotic car rental:

  • Availability 

 The rental price will be higher if the availability is lower.

  • Brand

The status of the brand of the exotic car plays a big role in a luxury car’s rental price. Two exotic cars with the same specifications and performance stats will have different rental costs if one brand is more prestigious than the other.

  • Long Term Rental

Several rental companies offer discounted long-term rentals if you rent the vehicle for over 30 days. The package also includes delivery most of the time. 

  • Model and Make 

The daily rental price will be higher if the model of the exotic car is also costlier. It is quite obvious because the company risks more if they rent out a vehicle that boasts of a stellar interior and superior quality parts. 

  • Amount of Included Miles 

Most rental businesses list the number of available miles up to which you are allowed to drive the exotic car per day. Once you exhaust these authorized miles, the company will charge you an extra for every mile for the excess distance driven.

This is why it is important to choose a rental agency that offers transparent pricing. The mileage costs and daily rental charges are the sole expenses you will pay when you rent an exotic car from most rental companies. 

Unfortunately, some rental companies may end up surprising you with hidden fees once your rental period ends. This is why you should never forget to ask if the price they quote will already be the final price you will pay or if this will still be subjected to several undisclosed factors. 

  • Type of Car

The rental cost may differ depending on the specific type of exotic car, whether it is luxury, crossover, sedan, convertible, or coupe. 

The Bottom Line 

You see, many factors affect the price of renting an exotic car. But this rental cost would be easier on your pocket compared to buying one. Visit if you are finally ready to rent an exotic car!