5 Tricks And Hacks That Could Save You Money On Your Vehicle Rental Company

Cars are expensive, whether they are brand new or buy and sell vehicles. When people need to travel but don’t like to use public transport, they lease a car from a vehicle rental company.

Car rental companies can lease their cars for days or weeks. This arrangement is perfect for people who need a vehicle for a weekend getaway or drivers who need temporary cars while their automobiles are being repaired.

There is also a long-term lease. A person can lease a vehicle from a car rental company in Singapore for months up to a year.

Whatever the lease arrangement, renting a car can be expensive in some ways. But don’t worry; there are tricks and hacks that you can use to save some cash on the best car rental in Singapore.

How To Save Money On Your Rental Vehicle In Singapore

If your leasing contract is approaching or you are planning to have a road trip soon, this article is for you. Indeed, leasing a car can save you much more money than purchasing a new or second-hand commercial vehicle in Singapore, but you can still maximise your savings by trying these tricks and hacks!

1. Book early!

Did you know that the number of available cars in the garage of your car rental company in Singapore significantly affects the rates? It is simply supply-demand laws. When there are only a limited number of cars and the demand is high, car rental companies increase their prices.

The key is to anticipate when the demand will peak. Generally, car bookings in a vehicle rental company skyrocket a few days before the holiday season. You can avoid the price surge when you book your vehicle a few weeks or months early when the costs are still low.

Additionally, another reason why people spend more on vehicle rental during the peak season than they should be is because of the unanticipated car upgrade.

Remember, car rental companies have limited vehicle supplies. During peak season, people scramble to get a sedan or hatchback. Even if you only need a sedan, you will be forced to lease a van or minibus because they are the only ones left in the inventory.

Not unless you want to search for another car rental company in Singapore that still has a sedan or hatchback, which will be difficult because of the demand.

2. Avoid a vehicle rental company near the airport

As mentioned, the supply-demand law applies to car rentals. There is no location with a high demand for rental cars but airports. Obviously, thousands of travellers and visitors with heavy luggage would need a comfortable vehicle to drive them to their accommodation each day.

Additionally, taxes are higher in businesses located in heavily populated areas with a robust economy. Car rental companies pass these taxes on the passengers by increasing their base rates.

The key is to find the best car rental company outside the Singapore airport.

If you are arriving in Singapore from overseas, you can also do this hack by booking a non-airport location car rental company on the day of your flight arrival.

3. Rent from car dealerships

Only a few people know that some car dealerships lease vehicles. Because not all people don’t know about car rentals from dealerships, the demand is low. Additionally, dealerships don’t necessarily compete with the rates of a vehicle rental company, so most car dealerships offer flat rates on their vehicles.

Contact some dealerships near you and ask if they have such offers. Who knows? Maybe you can win a good deal.

4. Don’t get an insurance policy

Car rental companies offer collision damage waivers or simply insurance. It protects you and the best car rental in Singapore financially if ever you get into an accident with the rental car. Insurance is a must, but there are times when you can spare one.

If you are a driver who is renting a car whilst your vehicle is being repaired, or you need an automobile bigger than yours, there is a high chance that you already have existing insurance. Getting a collision waiver from your rental company is redundant and unnecessarily costly.

Instead, call your insurance policy and inquire about their coverage on rental cars. Some rental companies allow personal insurance coverage.

You can also decline a collision waiver if your credit card offers primary coverage on rental cars. Call your credit card company regarding this offer.

What if you don’t have existing car insurance or your credit card doesn’t cover rental cars? You can buy affordable insurance outside your car rental company in Singapore. If you can’t find one, sign the collision waiver of your car rental company.

5. Avoid extra fees!


Extra fees can sprout from anywhere and everywhere. There could be fees for GPS devices, toll gates, damage costs, and fuel, amongst others.

The first source of extra fees is the add-ons. What are the add-ons? These are optional car features, such as a baby or child seat, GPS trackers, and satellite radio upgrades.

You can save by bringing your add-ons. Instead of renting a child seat, maybe you can carry your own or borrow from a friend.

There is no need for GPS trackers if you have Google Maps or Waze. You can also download the map for your destination when there is no service.

Download your Spotify playlist, podcasts, and audiobooks or bring your favourite CD album to play while driving.

Pre-paid toll and fuel offerings of your car rental company in Singapore also cost you a fortune. Paying your toll fees and refilling your tank on your own is much cheaper than those “pre-paid” options.

Drivers also pay extra fees for damages. Before you drive the car out of the car rental company’s garage, inspect the interior and exterior of your vehicle. If you notice dents and damages, take a picture and inform your car rental company in Singapore to avoid damage fees.

The last piece of advice is to obey traffic laws and save money from fines and penalties.


Driving a car doesn’t have to be expensive. With these tricks and tips, you can spend the money you saved on your travel experience! You can buy good food, get superb lodging, and try exciting activities!

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