Save your brakes

The thought of replacement brakes for most car drivers would be enough to bring them out in a cold sweat. But what many of us don’t realise is that the way we drive could be making this more of a possibility. By making a few small adjustments to our driving style, we could help keep our brakes functioning well for longer.

Be aware

You’d be surprised by how many drivers are not fully aware of what is about to happen ahead of them. Anticipation is key to safe driving so it is important to look well ahead so you can avoid fast, hard braking. This way you can apply gentle brake pressure in good time before getting to a junction or dealing with a hazard.

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Going from a high speed to sudden braking causing a lot of wear on your brakes. If you have time to react, consider coasting as you reduce speed before you need to apply the brakes.


A regular service that includes your brakes will provide an opportunity to sort out any little niggles before they become big expensive problems. A small amount spent on servicing could save you a great deal in replacement brakes. For more information on servicing and a Gloucester MOT, visit a site like Swift Fit

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If you have items stored in your car that you haven’t got round to unloading yet, this will be adding more strain to your braking. The heavier your car, the harder the brakes need to work. By removing items that don’t need to be in the vehicle, you could be lengthening the lifespan of your brake pads.