How to improve the performance of your motorbike?:

There arelot of ways to improve your motorbike’s performance, and they do not need to be complicated. If you know the options available to you, you can drive with a little customization, and really make the most of your bike.

Installing modifications:

Installing the exhaust kits not only gives your motor bike an improved airflow and aggressive sound, but it also improves the speed and throttles response. Motorbike in Srilanka will have a good conditions of motorbike on which you can travel in every kind of road.

Install adjustment suspensions:

Installing an adjustable suspension will improve your bikes handling by profession. This upgrade will allow the compression and damping set to adjust the riders weight and riding style.

Replace tires:

If you want maximum speed on your motor bike, you should use the best type of sport wheels because it has thread features that offer improved durability on both wet and dry roads. So find out the best paired and lightweight wheels from the market and use it.

Apply proper tire pressure:

Always make sure that the tires inflated to the recommended air pressure. If you have  well-inflated tires it will be smooth and easy to handle. So apply only the recommended pressure on both the wheels. Bike shop in Srilanka will have separate space to apply proper tire pressure for motorbikes.

Proper tire condition:

Ensure that your tires are in good condition if not change the tires immediately so that it won’t affect your motor bike.

Replace cables:

Replace the worn cables of your motor bike in response to improve your bike performance.

Lubricate the motorbike chain:

Improve the bikes handling and horsepower by making sure that the chain is in good condition. Replace the loose chains. The use of an adjustable suspensions helps to tune your motorbike to both road and track purposes. A set of tires with a better traction level can offer you more speed at the corner and even bring more safety to the rider.

Change oil and air filter regularly:

Ensure that you use the high-quality air filter and clean oil, which makes the bike engine run cleaner and more relaxed.

Check regularly:

Make sure to have a professional check at your bike to replace the torn parts and broken parts.

Order customs part and accessories:

Now you can make it easy to find your customizable parts and accessories so use the essential component to your motorbike and change it when it needs. Note that modifying your motorcycle may impact your insurance premium. Check with your motorcycle insurance provider to find out whether this is the case before making any major changes.”

Schedule regular maintenance:

It would help if you had air filters and fuel filters once every few months to increase your motorbike fuel efficiency. Regularly maintaining your motorbike will give better mileage and it runs at peak condition for many years more.


The gear sprocket can help you get the combination of acceleration and top speed.

Final thoughts:

Taking good care of your motorbike is the best way to ensure its good performances and prolong its lifespan. Ride your bike regularly to be in good condition. Learn a proper riding technique before you start riding a bike to make a safety ride.