Qualities Required for Riding the Sur-Ron Bikes!

The role of electric vehicles in our lives has been growing for several years now. With newer manufacturers coming up with unique ideas, the future seems to favour e-vehicles and e-bikes. The role of electric bikes, for instance, is no more limited to just climbing steep hills. We can see the influence and the impact of e-bikes in our daily lives way more than before. 

Sur-Ron is an off-road e-bike that has been taking the industry by storm since its launch! It is built on a custom aluminum dirt bike frame and weighs about 110 LBS. So, it is too heavy for an e-bike and too light for a dirt bike. These bikes, therefore, are not meant for minors, and one needs to possess certain qualities and skills in order to ride these bikes. 

Let us check out a few qualities required for riding the Sur-Ron bikes!

  1. Core and neck strength

One needs to have a strong core in order to ride a Sur-Ron bike. This is because several beginners report frequent neck and back pain after riding these bikes. The muscle pain in the neck is associated with one constantly wearing a helmet. Also, while riding Sur-Ron bikes, one has to make sure that the bike fits them perfectly; the seating position, handlebars and foot pegs must be right for your size, or else the aches and pains become even more frequent as you ride more often. 

  1. Cognitive abilities

With a height of 1040 mm and 60V 32A Lithium Battery, riding a Sur-Ron bike not only requires a strong core, but also a strong mind! These are not regular bikes, and are mostly used on uneven and rough surfaces. Thus, one needs to have a strong sense of alertness and a high level of problem-solving skills in order to ride these bikes. 

  1. Physical agility

Not just mental, but physical agility is yet another prerequisite when it comes to riding a Sur-Ron bike. Technically, an intense ride can burn 600 of your calories. But to ride these bikes, one needs to be extremely quick and agile as these are driven on coarse surfaces. Besides, these bikes are considerably taller than the average ones.

So, unless you think you’re completely suitable for riding a Sur-Ron bike, it is recommended that you start small and move your way up! 

You can purchase these bikes from Allied Action Sports, an authorized Sur-Ron dealer that might be able to give you a better understanding of riding a Sur-Ron bike.