Summer tyres designed for optimal prevention of aquaplaning

One of the main reasons for accidents during the summers is that we lose control over our cars when we drive during heavy rain. A heavy thunderstorm can quickly turn a drive on dry summer road into a scary experience if you lose control over your car due to aquaplaning. This can easily happen if you drive too fast or if you drive on roads with bad drainage. When the tyres can’ t push away the water layer between the tyre and the road surface, the tyres will start gliding on the film instead of pushing away the water. This is when you lose control over the vehicle as the steering of the wheels will not impact the direction. The best thing to do is just release the foot from the gas pedal and the lower speed will cause the tyre to regain contact with the road surface and you can once again control the vehicle. 

When it comes to aquaplaning prevention for summer tyres, innovations have been introduced to the tread through curved, ramp-like design of the tread blocks on the inner shoulder guides and accelerates the flow of water from the longitudinal grooves into the transverse grooves. The excellent aquaplaning prevention properties are retained even as the tyre wears down. There is also a flow-optimized support between the tread blocks that reduces the movement between them. The support improves handling and ensures a comfortable rolling noise and a more even wear pattern. Other innovations are the polished main grooves of the tyre serve both a stylish appearance and functionality. The polished and slippery main grooves allow water to flow easily and effectively. The optimized, open design of the main groove openings increases the volume of the grooves, thereby preventing aquaplaning.

Other new innovations also include special swoop designed grooves that improve their wet grip and prevent aquaplaning even under difficult weather conditions. The swoop grooves have been built on the transverse main grooves of the inner shoulder. These elliptical indentations store more water as the volume of the transverse grooves increases.  This design ensures excellent grip even as the tyre wears and you lose tread depth, since the swoop grooves are larger at the bottom. This makes their volume increase instead of decreasing. Aquaplaning is negatively impacted by high speeds and worn out tyres, so make sure that you adjust your speed and keep your tyres in good condition and change to new tyres once you reach a tread depth of 4 mm. 

Selecting tyres that are designed to excel in wet conditions and that have good wet grip and are able to prevent aquaplaning are adding a lot to your safety when you drive during summers and you end up in a thunderstorm. In addition to having great properties during wet conditions, you also want to have good properties when it comes to dry summer roads. You will need tyres that also have excellent grip and control during these conditions. The all-weather tyres will also need to perform in wet conditions, so check their performance in wet conditions. 

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