Everything You Need To Know About The Car Protection Films

Cars today have a special place in the lives of people. A necessity for some, luxury for the rest, cars play a major role in sparsely populated areas, where owning a car is even more important as it provides the opportunity to travel long distances owing to the lack of public transport. Your cars require regular maintenance, which is common knowledge. But to protect its paint from daily wear and tear is something people rarely know. 

 A few things you should know about the car protection film.

Today, there are numerous ways of protecting the car paint not only from rock chips and small scratches but also from acid rains, ultraviolet exposure, mineral deposits and more. 

  • This thin polyurethane or polymer, installed by vinyl installation experts, acts as a skin and protects the paint on the cars from stone scratches, acid rains, and so on. 
  • The automotive paint protection today has evolved into a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film which is applied to the top coat of painted car surfaces. 
  • One significant aspect of these protection films is that they are available in multiple colors as well as an optically clear version with a variety of thickness levels.
  • It is the urethane clear film, which is highly resistant to acidic contaminants, corrosion, bird droppings, bug splatters and so on. 
  • Further, oxidization due to excessive exposure to the UV rays from the sun is also prevented and reduced because of the unique material. 
  • The topmost layer of the protection film comprises an elastomeric polymer substance that helps the material maintain its original shape despite the stretching that might occur after the film is applied and it is virtually invisible. 
  • The installation of the films requires an activator called the fitting solution which allows it to activate a glue-like substance that sticks to the paint surface. After having installed the film, it requires spraying and positioning and the removal of bubbles. After this is successfully done, the last process is to dry the material with an industrial heat gun, which activates the adhesive causing the film to stick to the car paint. 
  • Protection films that come with warranties usually last up to 10 years with minimal maintenance of the car. 

In this regard, Proshield Car Protection film can efficiently protect your car paint from regular scratches while keeping it young and new as always.