Best SUV Cars in India under 15 lakhs in 2020

In Indian market, people have many SUV options. It is always confusing to select one out of so many options, Indian market in the last 5 years exploded so much with SUV cars. It seems that the market will never slow down for SUVs in the future as well.

There are many budget friendly options available in SUVs as well, The one of the advantages of the SUV vehicle is its looks, it is an attractive segment and most popular and best in the market. They are durable, they are able to take on anything that can be thrown on them, they are known as giant beasts.

Ground clearance is another thing because roads in Indian are not the best in the world. It is also a saying that If you are able to drive on Indian roads then you can drive on any roads all across the globe with ease. SUVS can easily deal with potholes, that can also be a reason people are going with SUVs.

They are mountain friendly speed bumping cars and handle speed bumpers, it can easily clear potholes and speedy bumpers. The SUVS design are inspired from Boston cars

Earlier, SUVs are not featured with latest technology but now, they have touchscreen, high end audio setup, multiple airbags, keyless entry, climate control, sun roof and ignition Hud etc.

It has enough space for even a 5 seater car. It comes with safety features and among the safest cars in the society. Now, we are revealing the best models available in the country under 15 Lakhs-

Hyundai Venue

It comes with pricing of 6.7- 11.58 lakh, it is the best and cheapest SUV available in the country, It is a brand of Hyundai, it comes with 3 engines, 1.2L, 1L and 1.4L, it is expected to give an average between 17-23 kmpl.

KIA Seltos

It comes with pricing of 9.89 Lakh, KIA is the manufacturing company which is new in Indian market but this SUV became very popular within a short span of time. It comes with both diesel and petrol variant, the engine variants include 1.5L and 1.4 L, It is more of a safe car with multiple airbags

Hyundai Creta

It comes with 9.99 Lakhs with BSVI , it is available with 14 different variants. It is equipped with 3 different engines.

Maruti Vitara Brezza

It comes with 7.34-11.40 lakh prices, Maruti Zuzuki in India is one thf biggest car selling company in India, It has BSVI compliant engine.

Mahindra Scorpio

It comes with starting price of 12.68 lakhs, it is one of the most used cars in the country which it comes with long distance travelling

Tata Nexon

It comes with pricing of 6.99- 12.70 lakh, it is BSVI compliant engine

MG Hector

It starts with pricing of 12.73 Lakhs, It offers many features and best performance in the market.

Tata Harrier

It starts with pricing of 13.84 Lakh

Maruti Ertiga

It starts with price of 7.59-10.13 lakh

Mahindra XUV300

It starts with pricing of 7.94- 13.20 lakhs

Ford Ecosport

It starts with pricing between 8.17 – 11.71 Lakh

Mahindra XUV500

It starts with pricing of Rs. 13.39 Lakh

Maruti S-Cross

It starts with Pricing of 8.39 – 12.39 Lakh

Renault Duster

It starts with price of 8.59 – 13.59 Lakh

These are the top SUVs cars in India. It is technology, which makes it easy for companies to equip their vehicles with the latest features.

I hope you like reading the article on Best SUV 5 seaters cars in India in 2020.