How to Maintain Paint Protection Film – 6 Quick Tips

How to Maintain Paint Protection Film

With the rise in popularity of paint protection film (PPF) comes a new, daunting task for car owners. How do you maintain your PPF? The answer to this question is not as difficult as it seems. Follow these 6 quick tips to keep your PPF looking great!

1. Wash your car

In order to maintain the quality of your paint protection film, you need to wash it regularly. If you have a home sprayer that attaches to your garden hose, this is an ideal tool for washing underneath and behind the film. In addition, be sure to use a separate bucket and wash mitt or sponge so as not to re-contaminate the film’s surface.

2. Polish your paint protection film

When you notice that there are some small marks or scratches on the film, it is time to use a cleaner wax (such as Zymol Carbon Wax) and wipe away these blemishes. There are many types of products that work very well, so you need to experiment to find the one that will maintain the quality of your car’s paint protection film.

3. Use bug and tar removal products on your car

If you notice bugs or road tar, be sure to use a gentle bug and tar remover. These chemicals are okay for paint protection film, but if you have untreated clear bra film, it could potentially damage the material. If there is some acid nitro orange on your paint protection film, spray some simple green and wait a few minutes. Then wipe it away with the blade of a squeegee.

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4. Replace the film if there are any bubbles

Before you apply paint protection film on your vehicle, you need to pay close attention and make sure that it is properly installed with no bubbles present in the film. If this happens, it usually means that the surface has not been prepped properly prior to the application of the film. For this reason, go back and make sure that your car is properly washed before applying the film to its surface.

5. Maintain your paint protection film regularly

You should continue to keep your car’s paint Protection Film clean by washing it once every 3 months professionally. By doing so, you will ensure that any debris or contaminants are removed before they can potentially cause damage. If the quality of the paint protection film has deteriorated, replace it with a new piece from a professional Car Protection Film in Atlanta. This is particularly important if your car’s film has been subject to a stone impact.

6. Have paint protection film professionally removed

If you live in a state which requires that your vehicle have its front end or lower bumper protected with a painted material, the cost of this type of painting is much less expensive than having paint protection film installed on your car from the outset. To have paint protection film professionally removed, you need to bring your car in for inspection at least twice per year.

Paint protection film will protect your vehicle’s exterior from rock chips, scratches, and other damaging elements present on the road. If you take proper care of the film as outlined above, it will continue to look as if it is brand new for a long time to come. We hope you found these six quick tips on how to maintain your paint protection film helpfully.