Know About the Best Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Bahrain has gained a reputation for itself as a performance tyre maker, as the exclusive provider of Formula 1 tyres and the standard quality equipment brand for a range of high-end sports and supercars. However, the brand makes tyres for nearly any conceivable road-going vehicle, including trucks, motorbikes, and tractors. Its items now include all-season and economic-focused low-rolling tyres that boost fuel economy while taking less energy to rotate. 

Among the different top car tyres suppliers, Pirelli is the best supplier. The company is considered to have a combination of summer tyres, winter tyres, 4×4 tyres, and performance tyres. The most popular Pirelli tyres Bahrain are:

Pirelli Cinturato Strada Sport All Season Tyre

This Pirelli Bahrain model is designed to offer a mix of credible year-round traction and a convenient ride consistency. All-season tread compound is developed with an appropriate quantity of silica to maximise dry and wet traction. The middle rib tyres and the broader external shoulder are built to encourage steering response and improve braking efficiency, which is a bonus in this model. The inclusion of 4 broader circumferential grooves and innumerable lateral grooves provides improved wet stability and decreases the chance of hydroplaning on the rain-drenched roadway. The additional silica additionally helps the handling of wet roads and the driving on snow-filled pavement surfaces. Pirelli tyres Bahrain are the smartest tyres as mentioned by experienced drivers. 


  • Appropriate for dry and wet friction. 
  • Improved steering response 
  • Noise-free comfortable ride


  • Traction on rough and ice packs 

P-Zero Max Summer Performance Tyre 

This particular high-performance tyre is built for high-performance luxury sedans and powerful sports cars. It is used as an OE for performance-driven cars on the market. Its asymmetric design, structural stability, and unique rubber compound allow the tyre to deliver year-round output. It is lightweight for both wet and dry conditions, secure and resistant to hydroplaning with a robust braking mechanism. This tyre is not meant to be pushed during the winter season, which is during the cold conditions that would make the model slick. But the efficiency of the tyre glitters at high temperatures. 

Its asymmetric shape plus tread guarantees not only stability but also sensitive handling with dry and wet friction. The tyre’s internal construction, i.e. dual steel belts lined with polyamide cord plies plus nylon and aramid cord, also improves the handling ability of the tyre. Over everything, the P-zero technology guarantees optimum protection and reliability even on the flat surface. The garages like Rhinotire Bahrain deal with all kinds of issues relating to these tyres and helps you select the right tyres depending on your vehicle’s specifications. 


  • Low noise on the lane 
  • Average travel comfort 
  • Outstanding steering reaction 


  • Better life on the road is expected

Pirelli tyres are usually among the most powerful tyres on the market and provide a firm grip and control in both wet and dry environments. They are also easy to source, stocked by major national tyre stores, and readily accessible to local retailers on both the high street and online.