Let’s Discuss Some Winter Truck Maintenance Tips for Truckers!

As winters approach, truck drivers have to face the brutality of icy-chilled weather and the snow that comes with it. Pulling through a truck during the winter season requires some extra effort, especially if you live in the freezing part of the world, such as Florida. In that case, you can easily find a truck breakdown service in Gainesville. There is a large percentage of truck breakdowns and crashes that happen due to icy-driving conditions.

The maintenance of your trucks is also crucial since the truck is an integral part of any business, and its breakdown may lead to you losing not only your head but also your trade. If you manage a large number of trucks, then it is good for you to take care of the truck’s health in order to run a smooth business. If your truck is going to make a lot of trips this winter, then do the necessary pre-check to ensure that it has everything required to fight against the winter season.

Tips for Maintaining A Truck in Winter

  • Check for The Tires: If your truck is going to be on some bad roads, then make sure that its tread is in check and replace it with a minimum of 5/32- inches in winters. It would also be best if you replaced your current tires with snow tires so that there are better grip and traction. Also, ensure the tires are properly inflated.
  • Maintain the Engine Heater: If you wish to experience your engine’s heater’s best performance throughout the winter season, please make sure that you keep it in check and do send it for service to maintain its health. This includes both block heater as well as an oil-pan heater that is in your rig.
  • Keep the Batteries in Check: There are times when your truck’s battery may move towards the failing conditions during the cold weather. Hence, it is advisable to test the battery and dust off all the connections to endure the winter season.
  • Keep the Exhaust Clean: With the arrival of winters, the road becomes slippery, and you have to drive slow due to safety measures. This increases the chances of cabin leaks. This is why it is advisable to ensure that your exhaust system is clean and free of leaks. If you face any issues with it, you can head to any truck breakdown service in Gainesville. However, it is best to stay prepared early on.