How to permanently remove your car?

To permanently remove your car, you must deliver the vehicle, present a series of documentation and check that the receipt is authentic and corresponds to the DGT. You can opt for the scrap my car london  service there and have the best results.

  • Either because you have decided to retire it and change it for a new one, because you have had the bad luck of suffering a total loss or because you can no longer face the repairs, you will need to process the final withdrawal of your car to avoid having to continue paying taxes or fines. Currently, you will only be able to do it in the authorized scrap yards with the right order.

You should know that the definitive cancellations, as its name indicates, have been irrevocable since February 2004. Vehicles discharged with an earlier date can be rehabilitated, but definitive cancellations processed later on are not, since it is assumed that the purpose of this type of casualties is the destruction of the vehicle after its decontamination and correct treatment by the authorized waste manager.

Sometimes, the scrapyards may consider that the car we deliver has something of value and perhaps we receive some compensation, which generally varies depending on the age of the car, its characteristics and the province where it is located. In addition, the Authorized Vehicle Treatment Centers (CATV) usually offer a free car removal service to the scrapping facilities, provided that it has at least the 2 rear wheels and the whole mechanical block – it is necessary to decontaminate and give a adequate treatment for all those wastes and liquids contained in the system. With the proper scrap car service you can find the solutions now.

Usually, when it comes to vehicles that are less than 10 years old and come from an accident (or have mechanical problems that exceed the venal value of the car), a preliminary assessment is made that allows the client to offer a certain amount of money . Depending on the conditions agreed with the insurance company, it will be possible to add it to what was obtained in the compensation.

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These are the procedures to deliver your car to a junkyard for final disposal:

Delivery of the vehicle : either “by your own foot” or by crane, you must physically take the car to

a CATV, since they are the only centers that can legally manage the definitive withdrawal from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

Documentation that you must present:

In addition to the car, you will have to bring the technical sheet , the vehicle’s circulation permit and a photocopy of your ID or NIE. However, if the owner is not the person who delivers the car or it appears in the name of a company (or a deceased person), it will be essential to consult with the chosen center the complementary documentation to be provided in each case.

Sign the final deregistration request:

You will do it at the junkyard itself (if you take the vehicle there) or on the same day of the withdrawal with a crane, at which time you will sign the electronic deregistration request.

Proof of delivery at the scrap yard:

The authorized center must give you two very important documents. The first of these is the vehicle destruction certificate, the second, the proof of definitive withdrawal from the DGT, you can verify its authenticity through Traffic (verification of the proof of definitive withdrawal). Without them you will not be able to prove to any administration or authority -for example, if the city council claims you the payment of the municipal tax the following year or if the insurance policy is still in force- that your car has been definitively deregistered and withdrawn from the circulation.