How Do You Get Rid Of Abandoned Cars On Your Street?

On one of the streets in your neighborhood, there is a vehicle that has been parked there for over a month. It has become an eyesore and you are not sure what other risks it poses, especially if its old and damaged. There is a process to get rid of such cars.

Consider The Local Laws

Most cities have a rule that cars should not be left abandoned for an extended period. If the vehicle has been there for more than 3 days, then it is considered abandoned. Once you have certified that it is there illegally, you should report to the authorities on the same.

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What Will The Authorities Do?

Once you have reported that the vehicle has been parked at the same spot for more than 72 hours, the authorities will get to work. They will ensure that if the owner is not identified, then it will be disposed of in the right way.

The first thing they will consider is the condition of the vehicle. This is because, at times, a car in perfect condition can be ‘dumped’ on the streets. Probably it is stolen or it conducted a crime.

  • They Warn the Owner

If it’s in good condition, they will first investigate whether it has been reported as lost or stolen. If an owner has not been identified, the next step is usually tagging it. This involves putting information in a tag that is stuck to the vehicle advising the owner to move it before the authorities take an action.

A timeline is given and if it’s not moved, then the plan to tow it away starts.

  • They Take it Away

If the tagging did not get the owner removing the vehicle, the next step that the authorities take is towing it away. They work with authorized towing services and still take time to check who the last owner was. They go further to send an impound notice to the previous owner who in case they want to retrieve it back, contact the towing company.

The information about the company is indicated on the notice.

If there is a vehicle that has been left in your neighborhood or a street near your home for more than 72 hours, you need to inform the authorities about it. This is to ensure that the protocol is followed when it comes to removing it.