Technological advancements in the upcoming bikes in India

Companies have started investing a lot of money in research and development in the upcoming bikes in India. As an outcome, many technological developments have taken place to make the bikes safe and secure. In this article, we will see the top 5 Technology which has made motorcycle very safe.

Anti Lock Braking System

Anti Lock Braking System makes its place in every modern motorcycle. Initially, the anti-lock Braking System was released as a Passenger car Technology but later it was specifically designed for motorcycles. It was such that, to be adopted by various sizes of motorcycles.

Suppose, the bike avoids the locking, reapply the maximum braking force and will take care of the next skid. As the Anti Braking System will allow the riders to use the extreme stopping force, locking the wheels becomes easy and possible.

Slipper Clutch

Many of us while driving bikes in India would have come across a situation when we unexpectedly encountered an obstacle. Slipper clutch will ensure safety during this situation. Original high-performance super sports bike required this slipper clutch. The only work of slipper clutch is to partially disengage the work of the rear wheel during driving. It will provide the required friction accordingly the clutch will allow a certain amount of slip in the opposite direction.

Ride by wire

In the old model motorcycle, you can see that the throttle cables are directly connected to the throttle walls. This arrangement will lead to poor combustion and a Harsh ride.

There is no association between the grips and valves in the ride by wire technology. All is taken care with the help of an advanced computer.This will ensure more power and more efficiency.

Traction control

This will avoid exists Wheel in and will control the traction. Traction control can also be called as wheel spin control. This is possible by modulating the engine torque. With the help of traction control, we can drive forward more consistently. Launch control, wheel control is also possible using traction control. With the help of speed sensors, a more complicated loss of grip can be understood.


You may have a weird thought after reading the subtitle airbags. You may think that airbags have no work on a bike. In modern biking, airbags are available in racing suits and touring jackets. And so it is very appropriate to be in this list.

Tumbling bikes became very common, especially for those Riders who exceed 200 kilometers per hour. Airbag system has made the bike makers to include with Mega processing powers onto a single chip in the upcoming bikes in India. If there is a crash, the sensor will trigger and the airbag will explode in milliseconds. Powerful gyroscopes and GPS systems will additionally help in ensuring safety to the rider.

In this modern era, two-wheelers are not just for transportation. It showcases many other things like a status symbol, passion, adventure, exploration and many more. However, to enjoy all these riders’ wellbeing is a significant need. Manufacturers of Bikes in India are making all efforts so that they never take the chance of saving the life of their respected customers.