Information on Commercial Truck Driving and Electronic Logging Devices

An ELD is an electronic hardware connected to the engine of commercial trucks dallas tx vehicles to record hours of driving and other information. The hours driving of commercial drivers in the United States is controlled by a set of laws referred to as the “hours of service”, and “drivers’ working hours” in Europe.

Hours of Service

Electronic logging devices are an electronic answer which allows those professional drivers of trucks and other commercial motor carriers to follow Hours of Service (HOS) fulfillment quite easily. All CDL drivers are required to keep a record of their time driving and using an Electronic Logging Device ensures compliance with the rules on Hours of Service. You can start searching and applying for truck driving jobs detroit mi to start your journey.

2017 law

Since 2017, laws enacted requiring truck drivers in the United States to have an Electronic Logging Device in their vehicle. Other countries have also introduced and added this law. This device not only monitors compliance with driving hours but also monitors data on truck maintenance and other useful information.

Law requirements

This Electronic Logging Device law also added certain performance and technical requirements that define exactly what these devices need to feature. These include:

  • Connecting to the engine of a truck to record a truck when that truck is moving.
  • Allows the driver after logging to be able to select status such as: On-Duty, Off-Duty, or On Duty not driving and these driver divisions must match with vehicle movement.
  • Display a Record of Duty status graphically, so any driver may quickly see hours drive in a day.
  • Provides a data format that is consistent and that can be transmitted to any law enforcement agency in numerous specified ways, such as wireless, USB, or Bluetooth 2.0.
  • Provider-certification that the device meets proper requirements.


One of the best benefits is the reduction of paperwork that most truck drivers find annoying, complicated, and time-consuming. It also provides data to those company managers who must manage a fleet of vehicles.