Why Replacing the Cabin Air Filter of Your Car is Necessary?

You must have probably heard about the fact that a vehicle engine has an air filter, but how many of you are aware that even the HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) system of a vehicle too consists of an air filter? This particular air filter is popularly known as the cabin air filter. It performs similar duties to that of the HVAC system of a car as the engine air filter does for the car’s engine, demonstrated a staff member from the Green Acres cabin filter servicing shop.

The mechanics there took pleasure in explaining to us what the cabin air filter really is. They showed us a small pleated filter that was made of multi-fiber paper cotton. They added, sometimes this filter can be made of other engineered material as well. Because of this filter the external air is directed through the passenger compartment, wherein the filter traps in all the possible contaminants inside it and prevents them from entering the interior cabin of a vehicle. This way, the inside atmosphere of the cabin stays fresh, even if you run the AC, while sealing off the windows.

How the Cabin Air Filter Works?

Clean air is necessary for a vehicle to have all its passengers feel good inside its closed cabin. The cabin air filter performs this duty by fending away the dirt, dust, pollens and bacteria from entering the cabin and exhausts out the gases before they can enter the HVAC system of a car.

It also prevents the car cabin from being infested with bugs, insects and leaves that can clog up the entire breathing system of the car. The cabin air filter plays a vital role in the car of cleaning the air inside the cabin of the car, and saves the travelers from suffering breathlessness, allergies and stuffy atmosphere.

Signs You Need to Change the Cabin Air Filter

Even though there is no warning light to know that the cabin air filter of your car needs to be changed, there are surely some signs that will let you know about the requirement.

The cabin air intake duct may start making an unusual whistling sound and the interior atmosphere of the cabin might feel stuffy and emit odor. If any of the passengers have dust or pollen allergy, entering the cabin and riding in it for a while will aggravate the trouble.

How Often to Change the Cabin Air Filter?

It is strongly recommended by the head of the center where we went for cabin filter replacement near Green Acres that one must change the cabin air filter in every 12,000 miles, or at least once in a year. It should be done more often, if you often drive through heavily polluted areas or through sandy and dirty roads, and change the filter in every 5,000 miles. This way you can relieve the allergy sufferers and have a healthier experience while driving long hours.