Steps to Dismantle your Old Car

If you thinking to hire a damaged car removal for dismantling your old vehicle that had been kept inside your garage for a long while then you have taken the right decision because this is environment-friendly and also a cool option to get some quick cash with zero investment.

When you have gotten the option to dismantle the old car, you can go for it or getting rid of the iron scrap and do a great favor to Mother Nature for not dumping it in the landfills.

When you call the car removal, they’ll complete the job in a few steps, and that is mentioned in the given pointers—

Step- 1

Will receive your call & pay you a visit 

After receiving your call they’ll schedule an appointment and will visit your address by the said time to check the vehicle you want to dismantle.


The experts will inspect the vehicle & will offer time & payment estimation 

The best car removal companies send their top professionals to check the status of the vehicle and offer you the time and payment estimation based on which you can decide whether you would like to continue with the car removal service or not. If you’re satisfied with the pay that they offer, you can fix an appointment and let them take the car for dismantling.


Car removals will take the car to their facility for dismantling 

On the given date and time, the car removal professional will reach you with tow or can drive out the vehicle if it is drivable and can go straight to the facility wherein a covered area they break down the car into pieces with the help of technologically sophisticated tools and equipment for a satisfactory job.


In the next 24 hours get your cash

Finally, after the job is done, the car removal company will cash for wrecked cars geelong and will wire you the money within the expected time.

So, if you want to dismantle the old car, talk to the best car removal company for 100% satisfactory services.