5 Tips On How To Protect Car Paint

Cars are a liability. But would it not be appreciable if the rate at which this liability extorts us is slowed down? Petty things in car-care take the most money from us; an example includes regular car maintenance via painting scratched or corroded parts. What if you are able to cut down maintenance fees? Here are 5 tips for caring for your car paint?

Get ceramic coating for cars

One of the most reliable methods of protecting cars in the long term is to get ceramic coating for cars. A ceramic coating is a layer of protection —a second layer on your car paint. It does not change the paint or color on your vehicle, nor contaminate it in any way. It only serves as protection. The nanotechnology behind ceramic coatings makes it form a thin, invisible layer (to the naked eye) upon the original car finish.

Use Car sheds

Birds and insect droppings on cars have irreversible damaging effects. According to car professionals, the longer these foreign particles stay on a vehicle, the griever the effect would be on the car. These creatures do their business without any sense of dignity, civility, or consciousness of money. You give them more clearance to birds, to go about this dirty business of dropping their waste when you park under a tree; everyone knows birds nest in trees. Hence, parking under a shed or installing a shed in your compound would be a great protection for your car from insects, birds, sun, and rain.

Do proper cleaning

Wash your car regularly. It is safe to wash with hands. The sooner impurity stains are removed from your car, the more will its paint be preserved.

Use Car polish

If you think your car is not as shiny as it can be, then you should go for an excellent car polish that is most suitable for your type of car finish. Car polishes have micro-fine abrasives that mildly wash over the surface of a paint without scarring or fading. A good polish can also be a good protective layer.

Use appropriate products

Make sure you understand your type of car paint. You can verify that by visiting a painter’s shop to ask for your kind of car paint and what products are best to clean and polish it up. If you want your paint to last well, you have to use the right material. For matt paints, for instance, there is no need for polish. Know your paints; know the proper care tips.