Tips On How To Rent A Camper Van

Renting is also a good option if you will not travel with your camper so often since maintenance costs are high between insurance, motor vehicle inspection, repairs, garage. Or in cases where taking your van to the destination is more expensive and cumbersome than renting it directly there.

Whatever your case, it will be helpful to keep these tips in mind when renting a campervan or doing a New York wheelchair van rental.

  1. When it comes to insurance, cheap can be expensive.

Most van rental companies offer fundamental insurance with a relatively high excess. Reducing the same or expanding coverage usually involves an extra outlay but is often worth it. Rate it depending on your experience, the type of terrain you will drive, the vehicle’s condition, and age. And before leaving, check everything very well so that they cannot blame you for pre-existing damage. And if

you rent between individuals; better do it through a platform that offers you guarantees and constantly contracts in between.

  1. Information is power.

Gathering as much information as you can before you leave will allow you to improvise better afterward. You do not have to carry everything tied beforehand, but you do have to know your options. Investigate everything you can about the route you want to do, look at the roads’ state, look for possible places to spend the night, if you go to another country, find out the legislation regarding spending the night in public areas.

On the other hand, try to foresee what technical doubts may arise and solve them in advance. Find out how to connect the electricity, how the gas works if there is it, how to use the heating, how to charge the water tanks, how to empty the black and gray water, etc. Remember that these tanks can only be emptied in places specially indicated for that and that it will not be the most beautiful part of the trip. Of course, another option is to avoid it by not using the bathroom inside the van.

  1. Driving a van is not the same as driving a car.

If you’ve never driven one before, get some practice before hitting the road. Keep in mind that their greater height makes them less stable. When overtaking, parking or cornering, do not forget that it is a longer vehicle than you are used to.

Finally, remember that vans’ maximum speed is 90 km / h on conventional roads and 100 km / h on motorways and highways. As for the rest of the roads, the permitted speed is 80 km / h except in the city, where the same limit as passenger cars is maintained, that is, 50 km / h.

And with these tips, you are ready to enjoy your first trip in a rental camper van. I would only add that you take a good selection of music to put a soundtrack to your trip and enjoy!