What you should check before buying a Used Car

Used Car Dealers are not usually intended to measure the reliability or overall mechanical condition of a vehicle. If you purchase a service contract with a supplier within ninety days of purchasing a used vehicle, federal regulations prohibit the supplier from removing the implied warranty for the method in the contract. For example, if you buy a used car “as is,” usually no warranty is implied. But if you buy a service contract that covers the engine warranty, you automatically get the implied engine warranty. They can provide you with protection that goes beyond a service contract. Make sure you have received written confirmation that your service contract is valid.

If your warranty is supported by the vehicle manufacturer, contact the local manufacturer’s consultant. Local or regional consultants are authorized to identify warranty service and repair issues to satisfy potential customers. Some manufacturers are willing to fix model-specific problems free of charge, even if the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover those problems.

Checked with local manufacturer’s representative

Ask your local manufacturer’s representative or the service department of the franchise dealer that sells your car model if such a policy exists. It’s a good idea to have a used car checked by an independent mechanic before you buy it. For about a hundred dollars, you will get basic information on the mechanical condition of a car. An inspection is a good idea, even if the vehicle has been “licensed” and tested by the supplier and purchased under a warranty or service contract. Mechanical inspection is completely different from safety inspection. Safety checks often focus on conditions that make a vehicle unsafe to drive.

Benefits of buying car from certified dealer 

When you buy a used car from a dealer, the Manual must reproduce any agreed changes for warranty coverage. This becomes part of your sales contract and supersedes any conflicting terms. For example, if the Buyer’s Guide states that the vehicle is provided with a warranty and the contract states that the vehicle is purchased “as is,” the supplier must provide the warranty specified in the Guide.

At the time of deal

If the used car dealer provides the vehicle “as is” check the box after the “As is – no dealer warranty” message in the Buyer’s Guide. However, if this box is checked, the dealer will guarantee that the vehicle will be repaired or the sale canceled, if you are not satisfied, make sure that the promise is recorded in the Buyer’s Guide. If not, you may have a hard time getting the provider to keep its promises.

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