Can a dirt bike fit in a van?

There are several creative methods of shipping dirt bikes interstate or abroad. But whatever the method would be, being a owner of a dirt bike your prior concern is to arrange a systematic and organized shipment for your sports gear. Unlike any other transport vehicle, you can also carry your dirt bike into a van in order to ship it elsewhere. For those who are especially involved in off-road bike sports activities, dirt bikes are not less than a minion to them. A single scratch on their gears means a lot to them.

To make a bike fit inside a van, the size and shape of the bike should have a compact design and besides that, the space inside the van should be wide enough. You might need to remove the backseats of the van temporarily to load the bike inside. In some cases, the bike’s handle may need to be adjusted or removed to secure it from damage.

Although dirt bikes are smaller as well as lighter than any other regular  motorcycles and transporting them into a van is a common affair, yet there are some important factors left behind about the dirt bike’s safety during shipping. Therefore, in this article we will try to brief you about the procedures of fitting a dirt bike properly in a van and shipping it securely to another location.

Let’s check out the process of fitting a dirt bike inside a van:

Preparations and loading dirt bike into the van

Most of the vans and minivans contain enough space in their belly to fit dirt bikes inside them. However, to select a right measured van to ship your bike, you must know the exact dimension of the bike. Usually, an average adult dirt bike’s length is 85.7 inches and a kid dirt bike measures 56 inches. Though dirt bikes are a bit longer from the regular bikes in the back seat as well as in the handle bars, yet vans are appropriate to transport them to a short distance.

Here are few tips for fitting dirt bike in a van given below:

  • Drain the fuel from the tank before loading it inside the van as this is applicable for any vehicle that would be transported. It will help you reduce the extra weight of the bike. Keep just ¼ portion filled of the fuel tank. Moreover, as the driver will share the same room with the bike, it will spread less toxic fumes.
  • Remove the handlebars temporarily or adjust it otherwise along with the side mirrors and other additional parts to make the bike fit into the van.
  • Settle the van on a slightly sloped but even surface and also fit the ramp properly in order to mount the bike inside the van. Remember, any vehicle’s load is easier to handle while the ramp is fitted with the vehicle’s weight and attached balanced with the van.
  • Sort out the places where you can tie down the securing straps of the bike. Restrain the bike to the removed seat’s mount hooks that are located on the van’s floor.

Benefits of shipping dirt bikes via van

Vans are really suitable for shipping dirt bikes than trucks or trailers as the decks of the vans are lower than the trucks and it is easier to load and unload the bike to the vans. Moreover, vans on the other hand are the most handy version of enclosed transportation which means your bike is protected from weather extremes, dirts, road debrises, Grimes etc in transit. So, the bike owners often choose the vans over open pickup trucks for shipping dirt bikes.

Safety tips

Fitting your bike into the van is not really the end of your duty. There are some more factors to take care of. Such as:

Firstly, you should not exceed the maximum load keeping capacity of your transport van and select one according to your bike’s weight. Otherwise, you might have to face inconvenience while driving along.

Secondly, check the van’s brakes are working finely as you are adding an extra weight on it’s back. Or else, problems may happen while driving in the sloped areas.

Thirdly, as you are carrying extra load on your van, avoid reckless driving. Try to drive 5 to 12 MPH slower than the other vehicle’s drivers on the road.

Finally, carry some extra bottles of water and antifreeze solutions. So that you can cool down the van’s engine in case of overheating due to carrying too much load.

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