Car Damages that Need Immediate Repair

Cars need maintenance and repair on regular basis. But not every repair need is taken seriously by the car owner, and they tend to get postponed often. Truthfully, there are some repairs our car might need, that can wait. But there are some damages caused to our cars that need immediate attention and treatment. Here we would list down those repair items, that were labelled by the Moorestown auto repair mechanics, as urgent ones, that need immediate repair.

Usually there are some damages that are clearly visible and understandable, like a brake issue, a steering wheel issue or an issue with the engine. All these give prominent reactions from which it is clearly understandable that they need urgent repair work. But there can be some damages that are not apparently visible. Only the trained mechanics, with the help of some specific machinery can know about them. But if these issues are not addressed immediately, they can lead to severe troubles, that either can risk your life, or can demand a costly repair, in near future.

Overheating of the Engine

Not every time, your car engine might let you know, that it is facing an overheating issue. That being said, we want to indicate, that when a car engine starts getting overheated, it might not instantly show up any clear symptom, but it can get reflected through the performance if you notice.

Usually, when the car fluids get over contaminated and fail to serve the purpose of lubrication between the close-knit components of the engine compartment, it leads to engine overheating. It so happens, that the metal components of the engine compartment get into frequent friction among themselves, if the engine oil stops flowing between them, creating the much-required barrier. So, if you find your engine not picking up the required speed at the given time or asking for more frequent visits to the pump station, know that it needs immediate attention, followed by a proper repair procedure.

In most cases, changing the engine oil might solve the issue, but sometimes, more grievous issues might crop up, like an issue with the carburetor, the chassis, the exhaust system, or the oxygen sensor might lead to such overheating of the engine, which is dangerous for the car health.

Squealing or Unresponsive Brakes

If you get to hear a squealing sound, whenever you try to engage the brakes, it is a clear symptom, that your car brakes are not fully functional and require immediate treatment. It could be the worn- out brake pads, or a damaged brake rotor that is causing the brakes respond slowly or generate such eerie sounds. In any of the cases, you just cannot afford to postpone the repair it requires, since it can lead to a fatal accident, claiming lives.

Faulty Exhaust System

If your car exhaust system is not functioning properly, it is strongly recommended that you address the problem, without any delay. If the tailpipe of your car starts emitting black or blue smoke in large quantities, it is the indication of a faulty exhaust system that must be repaired urgently, suggested the team of mechanics at the center of auto repair near Moorestown.