Get a fair price for your car at car removal Melbourne today!

Looking for a quick scrap car removal Melbourne? Contact us today! We accept cars in their existing conditions, with dents and dusts and provide a fair cash amount for it. Car scrapping has environmental as well as economical advantages. It is an eco friendly process and relieves you from your old junk car as per your convenience. Not only will you get money from your car which would have simply occupied your backyard had not been scrapped, you will also be happy to know it’s been further used with Mother Nature’s approval. We refurbish all the functional parts and sell the remaining as scrap metal and pay you the best price for it.

Why scrap your car with us?

  • We collect your car as per your convenience from your doorstep.
  • We guarantee a fair price for your car.
  • We ensure recycling it in the best possible eco friendly way.
  • We deliver quick and reliable service.

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Yes, it is too good to be true. Our highly trained professionals take care of towing, fair valuing and handing over the cash. It is economical as well as hassle-free. Selling it the old fashion way may not get you the fair price but scrapping it with us will. We buy all grades of scrap from anybody and everybody and offer competitive pricing for it. We have ample experience in dealing with all issues surrounding scrap collection and recycling. From small deliveries of 10kg from small backyard clean-ups to thousands of tones from major utilities and demolition sites, we buy it all. Say no to newspaper ads, no to social media ads, no to brokers. Every process of scrap car removal Melbourne will be managed by our professional experts in a comprehensive manner. We’re a licensed, bonded and insured company that offers each seller the best experience ever. 

Old doesn’t always mean gold. It is normal to have a non-functioning car but don’t let it occupy your backyard space when you can sell it to us today at scrap car removals Melbourne and move on!