5 Wonderland Caravans For Sale Perth

Wonderland caravans are designed with a focus on elegance and excellence, as well as the quality of living and convenience. It is consistently rated as the most significant good value by consumers. It employs high-quality design, construction, and material to provide the caravans with the elegance and endurance required for an off-road adventure.

Furthermore, choosing the appropriate caravan might be the distinction between a once-in-a-lifetime trip and a tragedy you’ll never forget. In the comfort of your ideal caravan, you can savour every minute, take in the breathtaking scenery, and travel to a fascinating country. Continue reading to learn about the top wonderland caravans for sale Perth.

What Is A Wonderland RV Caravan?

Wonderland RV generates greater caravans that are genuinely able to withstand Australia’s ever-changing weather. As one of Australia’s quickest increasing caravan manufacturers, its mission is to discover new technology and implement them into the caravan manufacturing process. Wonderland RV was the first to offer CNC-cut walls and furnishings to its clients, first testing the use of CAD Design connected to CNC Router manufacturing innovation.

Wonderland RV’s handcrafted luxurious caravans are made in Australia. They include higher cupboard finishes, natural leather trim, high shine cupboard doors with security locks/latches, gas supports in overhead bin sections, metal cabinets, and high shine acrylic splashbacks, among other features.

The RVs come with a three-year structural guarantee and excellent after-sales support.

There is no turning back after you’ve been to Wonderland caravans. It has a track record for providing high-quality custom-built vans with many features at a low price. It’s something the family-run team takes pleasure in.

Caravans That Will Make Your Adventure More Exciting

Your caravan must be suitable for you and your family in terms of the activities you intend to conduct with it. A compact, lightweight trailer designed for an ambitious couple spending a month off the grid won’t fit a family of five. Take a look at these five wonderland caravans for sale Perth.

1.    Hornet

Featuring Wonderland RVs luxury off-road caravan, you can go off the main path in safety without sacrificing elegance. The Hornet was explicitly built for exceptional performance in the most inhospitable and challenging terrain. Its capacity to accompany you into distant locations and keep you there for a long time makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want to go off the beaten path.

Hornets have a capacity of over 600kg, with a Tare of 2920kg and an ATM of 3500kg. However, once you’ve loaded the family and all of your belongings into it, you’ll require a relatively large tow truck.

2.    XTR

Many caravanners opt to travel with the XTR off-road series. It’s a journey that’ll leave you speechless, just like the XTR Wonderland caravans. The XTR is the go-to van for rugged off-roading, with a sturdily gorgeous appearance and all the amenities. Any of the Wonderland caravans come with a long list of quality amenities. So, whether you’re ready to travel out into the sunset, come down to Wonderland – XTR and see for yourself.

3.    Triumph

A Wonderland RV Triumph is a popular choice among lone travellers, parties, households, and caravan lovers seeking a good deal. The Triumph is named this way because it inspires confidence in individuals searching for a good investment.

Admirers are those who want to go up to something better. The Triumph from Wonderland RV is your victorious entrée into a well-built caravan that uses the distinctive ‘jigsaw building’ approach. There are no staples or sticks in this room. It’s jam-packed with functionality and has a timeless design.

4.    Adventus

The Adventus was created with semi-off-road capabilities in mind and the quality of life for the curious traveller who needs dirt road capacity on occasions. The Adventus has indeed been explicitly developed for outstanding performance and elegance for the discriminating caravanning lover. It will transport you to more isolated locations and hold you there for extended periods of time.

5.    Amaroo

The ideal Outback series for thrill-seekers. The start of the specialised off-road line, complete with the most up-to-date luxury facilities for any traveller. Experience the Amaroo, which is manufactured to Wonderland caravans exacting standards and uses cutting-edge construction to navigate even the most challenging terrain.

The Amaroo’s interior is unlike some caravans. Throughout the book, there is a great deal of attention to design. This model has a lot of essential equipment. There’s likely to be a customisation that matches your car and your requirements. It includes over 40 designs to pick from, ranging in length from 15’06 to 23′.


The Wonderland is undoubtedly Australia’s best caravan brand, with a luxurious finish and solid construction. They have produced a top-quality caravan that delivers greater strength and endurance, employing proprietary jigsaw wall building technology with architectural grade wood and rotary edges.

So, if you’re thinking about moving from an on-road van towards something with a little more, Wonderland Caravans will undoubtedly be on your horizon. Now is the time to choose among the best caravans for sale Perth!