Things You Must Check Before Buying A Second-Hand Car In Nigeria

Buying a second-hand car requires more attention because you must check every part of the car to make sure that it is worth buying.

Luckily, most used cars today are sold in good condition. Car dealers no longer deal in completely worn-out vehicles. But that doesn’t imply that the vehicle doesn’t have any problems.

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Here is the list of things you must check in a second-hand car:

  1. Engine

An engine is the most important aspect of a vehicle. Before making your decision, you must check the engine of the vehicle thoroughly. Check for oil level, leaks, exhaust smoke, and head gasket condition. You should invest in a used car only if you are fully satisfied with its condition.

  1. Interior

Just checking the car’s engine is not enough. You must also pay attention to the interior of the vehicle. After all, you will not want a vehicle that is completely worn out from the inside. Check the seats, car flooring, electronics, dash, seatbelts, and everything else.

  1. Clutch and gearbox

You must make sure that the gear change works smoothly. Along with that, you should also check the clutch biting point. These are the things that usually have problems.

  1. Bodywork

Next comes the bodywork of the vehicle. By this, we mean the car’s exterior. Check out both outside and underneath the car to find faults. While checking the underneath of the car, you should use a torch.

  1. Wheels

When buying a second-hand vehicle, you simply can’t miss the wheels. Check the rubber condition and tread depth. Make sure that all the wheels work smoothly.

  1. Documents

Last but not the least; you must check all the car papers and documents. For example: service history, insurance, MoT, V5c, etc. Also, make sure that the vehicle doesn’t have an accident history.

These are the most important things to check in a second-hand car. You should also take it out for a test drive. This will give you a good idea of how well the vehicle works.