Tesla Stock News that everyone should know about

In 2016, TESLA again sold $ 1.46 billion worth of shares to meet Model 3 production plans and achieved TOYOTA TESLA sales in 2017. Last year, TESLA Motors, led by Aaron Musk, merged. Collaborate with Space X to launch a space rocket. That same year, TESLA finally achieved its goal and TESLA Model 3 was nominated for the world’s first car. On August 7, 2018, Elon Musk received funding by tweeting about the possibility of returning to privately owned TESLA Motors for $ 420 per share. Share.

This news awakened the trading world and made a leap in the market when people wanted to make money fast by buying cheap stocks and selling them to companies at asking prices. However, the SEC, on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission, sued Elon Musk for tweets that leaked false information and misleading investors. As a result, Elon paid a fine of $ 20 million and became president of the company. At the beginning of the new year, TESLA cut workforce intervals. At 7%, Elon Musk announced plans to sell the Model 3 for just $ 35,000, and the company recently announced its latest Y SUV. Also read– Mercato Atalanta

To manufacture the Model S, Tesla needs more than 2,000 parts from 300 suppliers worldwide. Many of them have exclusive partnerships with California companies, especially those that manufacture batteries and other key components based on short-term transactions. The reason is that Tesla always looks for other suppliers or makes these parts internally (vertically integrated), even when there is a problem on the production line. His partners include Daimler and Toyota, who helped develop batteries and engines used in production vehicles. Panasonic has been the only battery supplier needed to manufacture battery packs since 2010.

Raise brand awareness about Tesla

An innovative position in the market for Tesla is brand awareness and the set of products within a department, for example, electric trains, car batteries, etc. The company’s indirect competitors in the traditional luxury auto market have strong origins and typically a loyal customer base, but Tesla’s competitive advantage and aggressiveness. Over the years, Apple has inspired the world with Think Different advertising and applied its products without being inevitably different from its competitors.

Likewise, Tesla must actively differentiate itself from competitors in its marketing efforts, especially traditional automakers that have a negative impact on the environment. Perhaps Tesla can encourage the world to drive differently by buying a beautifully designed and environmentally friendly car. This will cause more rise in TSLA stock price. Apple has adopted and maintained a similar marketing strategy with visible results and high profits. If you want to know more Tesla information like releases, you can visit https://www.webull.com/releases/nasdaq-tsla.