The New Mazda 3: Hatchback Perfected

The new Mazda 3 is proof that Japan has perfected the art of producing top-quality hatchbacks. Mazda always had a different approach when it comes to hatchbacks, and the newest model of the Mazda 3 Hatch is no exception. In this article, we’ll go through the style, performance, and features of this family hatchback that makes us think it’s the best hatchback out on the market today.

The Style

The very first thing you’ll notice is definitely the looks, so let’s talk about that first. The Mazda 3 Hatch has 5 doors, much like most family automobiles. The hatchback itself measures 4.459 metres long, 1.797 metres wide and 1.440 metres tall. It has a well-contoured surface that doesn’t look awkward and the roofline perfectly slopes down to the rear screen, giving it a fresh and compact look.

The steering wheel can be moved up, down, in, and out with a reasonable range without making it look awkward wherever you decide to place it. The driver’s seat also offers a lot of adjustability without compromising the style of the interior. The armrests are also very well positioned, helping drivers be more comfortable even in long drives. Adjustable lumbar support is also available on the high-end trims of the hatchback. Nevertheless, the lumbar support of the entry-level trims is still very comfortable.

The Performance

The Mazda 3 doesn’t only excel in style but also in performance. The entry-level of this hatchback utilises a naturally aspirated 120BHp 2L petrol engine with Skyactiv-G. This means that it uses the innovative cylinder deactivation tech and Mazda’s 24V hybrid system. This system from Mazda has been known to improve overall performance and fuel economy and is also capable of going from 0 to 60mph in less than 9.4 seconds.

Higher-end trims also make use of the Skyactiv-X petrol engine that is said to be even more fuel-efficient and powerful even if you use the four-wheel-drive option. 

As for suspension, this family hatchback works best with the smallest 16-inch wheels, which comes with the SE-L and SE-L Lux trims. The smoothness of your driving experience on bumpy roads is comparable to the Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Golf. Top it off with the smooth and non-swaying handling of the Mazda 3 Hatch and you’ve got yourself a very pristine driving experience.

The Family Aspect

Since we’re talking about a family hatchback here, it’s important to talk about the passenger space and boot space of this vehicle.

Adults, even with above-average height, can easily be comfortable at the front seat and the back seat. There’s plenty of legroom and you also have a very comfortable resting place for your shoulders, making it a lot bearable to travel long distances with the family or group of friends. There’s also a lot of headroom in the standard configuration of the seat because the seats allow you to sit low and comfortably. 

When it comes to on-travel refreshments, there is a lot of non-slip bottle and can-holders that are easily accessible for both the driver and the passengers. The large glovebox is also very effective in storing items, on top of the essentials that you might want to put there.

The boot space of the Mazda 3 is no problem either as it can carry up to 6 carry-on suitcases— luggage more than enough for the whole family for a weekend getaway. It’s definitely more than what its competitors can carry—that’s for sure.